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Sometimes our clothes are in need of a little fine-tuning. That’s where the Saratoga Dry Cleaning team is here for you! We are Saratoga’s go-to shop for all services related to clothes, including tailoring and alterations. We have a professional tailor on site five days a week who can mend and alter your clothes to get them in the perfect condition to wear. Contact us today to schedule a tailoring or alteration appointment.


Common types of tailoring that our experts can handle include:

  •     Adjusting waistlines
  •     Fixing broken zippers
  •     Repairing holes and tears
  •     Hem and sleeve adjustments
  •     Taking in or letting out seams

If your clothes are in need of alteration, call our team at Saratoga Dry Cleaning today at 518-587-3047.

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228 Washington St.
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866